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Pimps are the primary reason why porn and prostitution could (and just may) become completely illegal. Learn the truth about dangerous pimps attached to pornstars and the pornographic industry right here on PimpWikiLeaks. Also look for a weekly PimpWikiLeaks Youtube webcast… PimpWikiLeaks thinks it only fair to launch the PimpWikiLeaks Wikipedia with a Dwight Cunningham aka

TheDirty.com features alleged madame Hofit Golan

According to a recent post on TheDirty.com Hofit Golan is known as the Israeli “Heidi Fleiss” and has clients from Europe to America. Another post in regards to Golan and her alleged connection to Lindsay Lohan can be found on DataLounge.

TheDirty.com has a lot of info about Vivienne Wynters in a New York hotel

https://thedirty.com/#post-2226790 THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you can contact Vivienne Wynter if it’s still up. I met Vivienne at the Bacarrat hotel she was sitting alone. She approach me and seemed like a friendly conversation. She asked me if I party. Meaning if I do cocaine. Two girls approach her one older blonde and older tranny looking brunette. She

Sex Industry Mafia – part 2

original article found on Sexindustrymafia.blogspot.com The photo above is of founder and CEO of Kink.com, Peter Acworth. The Huffington Post states that his father is a sculptor and a Jesuit priest. Acworth is a board member of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a non-profit trade association representing the adult entertainment industry. While the FSC is