What is PimpWikiLeaks? Just some information that dangerous PIMPS would rather the general public not know about.

"Dave" of The Luxury Companion
“Dave” of The Luxury Companion

Pimps are the primary reason why porn and prostitution could (and just may) become completely illegal.

Learn the truth about dangerous pimps attached to pornstars and the pornographic industry right here on PimpWikiLeaks.

Also look for a weekly PimpWikiLeaks Youtube webcast…

PimpWikiLeaks thinks it only fair to launch the PimpWikiLeaks Wikipedia¬†with a Dwight Cunningham aka “Dave” of The Luxury Companion wiki.

Unlike other porn industry “wikileaks” websites, PimpWikiLeaks will not be accepting donations, pay offs, favors or funds of any sort from “Dave”.


Answer: It’s fairly obvious, so there’s no need to elaborate… Have a nice day.

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