From the Pimpwikileaks Forum: Dennis Hof Pimp Tactics and Thug Muscle

initially posted by The Pimpinator in the Pimpwikileaks FORUM:

Dennis Hof Pimp Tactics and Thug Muscle

pimpinatorNobody could own 7 brothels remodeled to the hilt unless they were backed by organized crime and had the network of thug muscle to protect their licensed Pimp. Who is involved? Well, that is for “divine justice” to know and they do. No Pimp could single handed look over 7 brothels without some type of backing. He has thugs who are connected to or who are in such Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (The Mongols, Vagos and Hells Angels) who are also by FBI and DOJ Intelligence/Proof connected to The Mexican Cartel in their drug dealing. Hof even let The Mongols use his NV50 Roadhouse for their annual National Christmas Party, despite the fact that his own Lyons County Sheriff Department had sought MORE funding in 2010 from The Lyon County Commissioners to fight the growing Regional Drug Trafficking Hub of Meth, Heroin, and illegal Narcotics that these three Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs were setting up in Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City. The Lyon County Sheriff Department saw it as a huge problem, yet, our so called law abiding Legal Licensed Pimp named Dennis Hof let The Mongols use his place to have a party. Then in 2011, the Vagos shot down the Hell’s Angels President in a local Casino in Reno over a “turf battle” over their competition for the illegal drug distribution operation going on in the area.

Page Labeled #3 in this Public Document:

It is no secret that there have been drugs of all kinds in Hof Brothels used by the girls and he turns his head and lets the Vagos deal their drugs to his girls. Also, others, like some bartenders and such, deal drugs to the girls too. Why? To get them hooked on drugs so they can be controlled better, to make them dependent on making the money by hooking it takes to buy the drugs, and to stay there to get their “fix”. Not all of the girls fall into this category, but over the years there have been quite and few. In fact, there are still quite a few: Barbie Girl, Monica Monroe, Air Force Amy, and the list could go on and on. Hof then makes it “their problem” when they get to the point of “out of hand” and need some type of rehab. In fact, he will call them out as “druggies” and “alcoholics” on Twitter to make it seem like it was all their fault, when the truth is it s because he allows that type of thing to happen in his places for Pimping reasons.

This “Zero Drug Policy” nonsense is just that…..bullshit!!!

And right here he says it near bottom of the article….to make drugs legal statewide despite the Feds and Law Enforcement disagreeing totally with many families and lives shattered by drugs. Hof is a drug Dealer and a Pimp. And that is the only reason anyone would say something so ignorant!!…1497b49f81

He also uses the thugs to threaten the girls while there, and their network of thugs once they leave to try and force them back.

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