Sex Industry Mafia – part 1

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a Mafia Front Group: Part One

In January 2014 an operative of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Michael Hemmingson, was found dead of mysterious causes. Hemmingson had been identified as the author behind the Formerwhitehat blog which defamed, cyberstalked and sent death threats to whistleblowers who spoke publicly about child sex trafficking rings connected to the international intelligence community. The blogger who identified Hemmingson, MK Ultra survivor Khris Neal, was found dead by gunshot wound several months after writing about how Hemmingson co-authored a book with a former Grand Master of the Temple of Set, an organization that has also been linked to child sex trafficking. See the previous post for photographic evidence of Hemmingson’s sexual exploitation of children. Hemmingson was a good friend of fetish porn website’s Public Relations Manager, Thomas Roche (evidence for this claim follows). Another friend of Kink management is the self-proclaimed MI6 operative and and confirmed sexually abusive cyberstalker, James Casbolt aka Michael Prince, who was allegedly one of the authors behind the satiric Formerwhitehat blog along with Michael Hemmingson.

Casbolt claimed that is a CIA social engineering operation, and the information that follows should demonstrate the strong likelihood that this claim is based in truth. The crucial take-away is that Khris’s targeted assassination traces directly back to a network of individuals affiliated with military-intelligence. Some of these individuals have utilized established behavior modification experiments in commercial bdsm pornography (otherwise known as torture porn), not only through the physical assault and psychological abuse of performers, but also through conditioning the audience into accepting said abuse. Much of what goes inside Kink headquarters is not just kinky sex but instead the kind of activity that has left many Kink employees with post-traumatic stress and permanent disability. The details that follow may be upsetting for sensitive readers, who are encouraged to exercise caution while reading this material. The following pages contain details of sexual abuse and torture.

The Kink porn studios are housed inside the SF Armory (pictured above), a building the size of 3 football fields which housed the National Guard until 1976. The Armory previously functioned as an arsenal as well as a rallying point for the National Guard’s suppression of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike. The building’s history has been preserved through maintenance of old National Guard jail cells, while modern additions include a medical exam room, padded cells and a cold war-themed interrogation room. In an editorial ublished on Huffington Post Peter Acworth writes “’s mission statement is “to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,”. Since the Armory was purchased in late 2006, Kink has become the largest fetish porn production company in the world. Acworth has state that the company’s goal is to provide “safe spaces for exploration and interaction”.

Here’s what really happens:

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but I really don’t like to see talent get taken advantage of.
A close friend of mine worked for Kink for her third time recently, and had the most traumatizing experience of her life. (No, she didn’t do the Training of O everyone is always talking about) Her injuries after the shoot include numerous lumps in both breasts (from being slapped, whipped with a bamboo cane), bruises and rope burns from head to toe, bleeding from both her vagina and butt, and soreness everywhere from being constantly shocked when she made it known she didn’t want to do it. On top of that, it was shot in a room with running water flowing through the room that was so cold that during the shoot you can see the talent’s breath. On top of that, she can’t sleep because of the pain and flashbacks from the scene in her dreams. She officially quit the business right after the shoot. I’m sure she’s not the only one they’ve driven to leave. It seems as though once they get you in that building, they torment you as much as they can get away with until the talent won’t work for them, or at all, anymore.

People in this industry know the hush money they pay talent to shut the fuck up. I know quite a few girls that they’ve taken advantage of and felt the need to give them extra money after the fact. I’ve talked to producers, directors, and talent… the only people saying positive stuff about them are the ones making money off them. I know what people will say, this girl is looking for attention: if she was looking for attention she’d post here herself. And no she’s not a drug addict; she had some medical issues as a child that would kill her if she takes almost any recreational drug. This is just a warning to any girls looking to work for them and people looking to push traffic to them. I just hope you’re okay with promoting sites like there’s with people like that.

Maggie Mayhem writes:
So I rage tweet, sometimes. I’ve been doing a lot of that over the recent scandal of Peter Acworth being arrested for drug possession charges. But what’s interesting to me is how quickly people will act as though my tweets all pose a mortal threat to Cybernet Entertainment, also known as Kink.Com…I used to look at the pride flags on top of the armory and see it as a grand victory. The armory had been a place of war training but now it was the biggest kinky film studio in the world. I thought that if the freaks could siege the armory, they could take anything. But what is it but a corporate model looking to make money and nothing more? It’s not a special conspiracy, it’s the nature of the beast of capitalism. It exists to make money.
I’ve long since been ashamed of myself for what I haven’t spoken up about inside those walls. I remember back in the earliest days of Kink Live, they would attach a locking collar that needed an allen wrench to unlock it from the back to 200-300 feet of chain to depict how we were “slaves” of the castle. We were handed off camera buckets to pee in because it was a nuisance to unlock us. I was asked for 6 hour shifts with nothing more than a quick smoke break and maybe one off camera piss I saved up. There was a time when an executive came into one of my shows under his own official login at 4AM asking me to describe a fantasy and perform for him, for free, and describe a fantasy about a threesome with his wife. There are at least two occasions in which the larger caliber equipment on the cams alone exploded in flames. …. I’ve had multiple people who were present at that event tell me that when the initial penetration didn’t work well because she had the kind of hymen and vagina that called for medical intervention and they injected her vagina with a numbing agent to complete the shoot. There was a medical professional hired to do it and the crowd agreed not to talk about it….Legal contracts designed to protect companies from industrial espionage and trade secrets are utilized a lot to bully people into being silent about their experiences out of fears that they’ll be sued and unable to afford the ability to fight back even if the legal threats were bullshit. …Tell me, San Francisco, why we’re so happy that a porn company has created the great unpaid internship of smut called “The Upper Floor,” where people give them free content that they sell because it’s their ‘sexual expression?’ Are we really fucking to make sure that the millionaire in the castle is a bigger millionaire?…There’s the problem of gentrification. Peter Acworth bought a building across the street from the armory that housed a beloved local bar and waited until the lease ran out to (legally) jack the rent to an impossible rate to open up the kind of bar “he would like to go to after work.” Mind you, there are elaborate bars inside the armory that are fully stocked. Was it necessary to pull a straight up act of gentrification on the neighborhood to make a bar that is suddenly way too expensive to the locals?…I assure you, even in the absence of more words, that people have most certainly been hurt inside the armory. Some people stay quiet because they are afraid and don’t have power. Many others do have the power and choice to be silent because it would be inconvenient for them to speak up and do the right thing.

Former porn producer Rob Black comments:
Black has talked to a number of girls who’ve worked for And he went on to describe the famous consent tape as a smoke and mirrors stunt with clever editing and a pre-packaged script that forces positive answers [what, you’re going to say no? says Black]on a girl the same way a sleight of hand artist forces an Ace on you in a card trick.

“’We’re going to electrocute you, are you alright with that? Yes.’

“You go through that and look like a Vietnam camp war prisoner. If the girl starts crying they zoom out and yell cut because they can’t show tears. Then you would be hearing somebody forced against their will. When you get done with the scene and they clean you up, then what they do is put the camera on back in your face.” They tell you what to say [you’re not allowed to use the word pain] “They coach you and tell you the specific words to say. Do they do it in every instance? No. This same organization led by Princess Donna, they have 70 year old men urinating on crying talent. ….Black’s suspicion is that Acworth will roll over and make deals with the Feds like Steve Hirsch and Marc Carriere did. “

Here is further information about a agent from Pornnewstoday :

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:
Early this morning I received the jaw dropping email posted below from a 22 year old pornstar by the name of Karmen Karma. In the email, Karmen tells a horrific account of nearly being strangled to death by a 101 modeling employee by the name of Kyle Breul.
I requested for Karmen to give me a call this afternoon prior to my posting this blog to ensure that she understood that she may receive a certain level of backlash from porn industry “professionals” who view her experiences as “part of the job”.
Karmen assured me that after being an active talent in the industry for about a year and a half, she was ready to come forward with the truth of certain things that have happened to her.

Karmen related to me via telephone today that initially she entered the pornographic industry by shooting for Joanna Angel (Burning Angel). Then later through pornstar Christy Mack, Karmen was referred to 101 modeling in January of 2013.
After a few months, Karmen began having issues with 101 modeling so in late May of 2013, she signed with LA Direct Models. Karmen stated that after signing a 1 year contract with LA Direct Models, Derek Hay (head of LA Direct), withheld work from her in effort to push her into escorting.
In fact, Karmen stated to me that The Luxury Companion posted her photos on their site without her permission (the photos are still posted as of current).
After several months, Karmen went back to 101 modeling where she was not EVER booked for shoots of which she had the option to utilize condoms (and often she was not told who her scene partners would be).
As of today, Karmen intends to work with Sandra of OC modeling for her future bookings.
Email to PornNewsToday from Karmen Karma June 26, 2014
Hello, my name is Karmen Karma, I’ve been in the industry for over a year and a half with 101 Modeling.
I recently decided enough is enough and am leaving the slime ball “agency”. As it’s been heard for quite some time now, their employee Kyle Breul (known to date rape women, rape women, beat women, and drive around the girls on countless drugs) has had a new charge recently pressed against him. He strangled me trying to choke me one morning as he woke up fucked up from drugs. I thought I was going to lose my life as he strangled me around our apartment for 5 minutes.
When I finally broke loose, I had to run completely naked down my apartment hallways screaming for help. Thankfully a neighbor rushed me in to provide me clothes and a phone to dial 911 (she could hear the incident down the hall and my calls for help). By the time the police got here, Kyle Breul had fled the scene and has been hiding out from police ever since.
So the morning that this abuse took place, someone from the 101 Modeling office called me about 20 minutes afterwards wondering why Kyle wasn’t at work. In my panicked state of bawling my eyes out, I proceed to tell them through crying that Kyle was busy strangling ME, one of THEIR talents, and now running from the police. In an annoyed tone they tell me to have him call them later and hang up.
I figured maybe he didn’t understand the severity of the case, so I texted all 3 agents from 101 Modeling the severity and how scared I was and that I didn’t feel safe. NOT ONE OF THE THREE HAD THE DECENCY TO RESPOND ONCE.
About 5 days later of me nonstop calling the office, Bud finally tells me he doesn’t want to get involved in my “personal life”. Excuse me? I’m not bitching about my boyfriend, I’m bitching about my boyfriend who is YOUR employee and I am your female talent, therefore it is now involving 101 as well. All I wanted is to know my agents gave a little shit about me and would keep me away from Kyle, but I never got that safety net. Not one of them ever checked to see if I was okay.
They actually decided to book me for KINK.COM for a scene of me getting beat up and slapped rough two days later. Are you serious?
It took me texting Robert for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT to hear a reply. Some days I’d just have questions about work but he wouldn’t even respond to that!
When I finally threatened that’d I’d leave the agency if I didn’t hear from him he tells me to meet him at a bar (so shocking).So Robert gets wasted and doesn’t bring up the incident at all and says lets go to my house to talk. He drunkenly tells me to stay with them and then he does a shit ton of cocaine in my bathroom and leaves my house in a hurry all tweaked out.
REALLY? That was our “meeting”. 101 then proceeds to make me feel bad that they lost a driver. What slime balls have no problems with domestic violence against a female? Especially their employee who I found out later, has 2 other counts of domestic violence on prior girlfriends.
I tried to stick it through but I knew once this happened that I wouldn’t be with them much longer. As everyone knows, 101 Modeling has been slowly going downhill due to no work ethic and drugs. Slowly everyday I hear more girls and directors complain about how 101 Modeling is not professional. Whether it’s no information, wrong information, wrong rates, no communication, they are doing anything but what their job is, to represent me in a positive way. When I would get angry after multiple days, in a row mind you, of wrong information, Roberts justification is “It’s porn, this is what it’s like”.
Ummm, why am I paying you if you are not doing your job. I understand no Agent will ever be perfect but at least know how to forward a girl her damn info, it’s really not that hard.
It came to the last straw today when I told them I will no longer be represented by people who treat me like complete shit. One of my best friends Kelly Diamond and I were hanging out, she confessed to me how shitty director Greg Lansky was being to her. For hours I listened to Kelly talk in fear about him, how he was controlling her and manipulating her, taking advantage of her being new and tricking her into doing scenes for free.
We talked forever and she realized how she was getting treated and privately called Robert to vent to him how Greg was mentally abusing Kelly, making her feel scared, threatened, and constantly felt like she had to do exactly as he told. Robert acted like he cared and that he definitely would not Greg work with Kelly again.
I had Kelly block Greg on her phone, for obvious reasons, he’s a complete psycho brain washing douche bag. About ten minutes of Kelly crying to Robert on the phone, she gets a phone call back from Robert, but guess who was on the phone? It was not Robert, it was GREG LANSKY, who she just told Robert, HER AGENT, she feared.
Robert played dumb like he knew nothing of the phone call, but HINT HINT ROBERT, 3 way calling still shows your caller ID.
So my message and purpose of this email a few different things: 1. To expose the reality that is behind this agency 2. Warn future porn girls of being with 101, where you will get treated like absolute shit 3. Warn future women about Kyle Paul Breul and maybe I’ll keep a girl away from being in an abusive relationship.
Kelly and I both have left 101 and have plans for a happy future in the Industry, without 101 or Greg Lansky involved whatsoever. I attached a screenshot of Robert not texting me after I got strangled (THESE TEXTS WERE FOR 6 AND 7 DAYS AFTER THE INCIDENT OF NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!) and Court Documents about 101 employee drug addict loser Kyle Breul (emergency protection order, charges filed against him, police report, etc.)

The reason Kink follows a formula of editing out crying and heavy bruising is because a large number of Kink employees came directly from the former bdsm website Insex, which was shut down by the FBI on account of its extreme content. Some of this content included asphyxiation, water torture and electroshock. Insex’s owner, former Carnegie Mellon professor Brent Scott, has said he was inspired by to start the company after watching bondage shows put on by Japanese geishas while serving in the military during the Vietnam war.
Brent Scott:

A documentary about Insex has been made by a former Insex performer who alleges that the company left her with a permanent physical disability. Here’s a blurb written by the producer:
XXXEXPOSE.COM, a new reality based documentary that takes you through the stories of eight “models,” victims of mind control, cult tactics, electro torture, operant conditioning, thought reform and behavior modification originating with MKULTRA and the Nazi mind control experiments during WW2.
My nickname is Moonshine, I am a 23 year old activist and recovering trauma survivor who has just finished filming a new documentary with my partner Ammo-deus called XXXEXPOSE.COM. It covers mainly the subjects of mind control, hypnosis, behavior modification (ex.electro torture, operant conditioning, trauma based programming) and cult tactics which are employed by perpetrators to subvert the sovereign autonomy of the “model” victim. We have obtained and compiled hundreds of interviews from leading PHD’s, mind control researchers, and cult specialists for audiences with a higher intellect so that the information may be passed on. I am not much of a writer so I have included pieces from a recent interview so you can get an idea of who we are and what the film’s about.
M…this is technology of conditiong that the nazis really refined after ww2 after they had all those people to experiment on freely with no one watching them and its been passed down
A…..right ……passed down to all the nefarious groups and this has been spreading……and actually the site you have been modeling for hah…. i shouldnt say model ….victimized on ….is like a teaching tool for people want to learn cult tactics
M if you look at the videotaped sesions of torture it’s made apparent that he is showing and pointing out different methods for his members…. and the girls dont know this cause they cant even watch their own films…so know one ever finds out what he is doing…. you have to study the films you cant have them just floating in the background you really have to study them
A right theres a whole esoteric language going on,symbols,techniques then talking about your personal life in the actual shoot
M right these are techniques the nazis perfected and the cia as well to make operatives programmed to do specific tasks, id say this guy is doing this on the most extreme level without having gotten the person from age 3, the (mk ultra survivor) we emailed had been of victim of cia mind control and had been conditioned from the age of 3 looked at it basically said this….”this is a new experiment trying to condition people of the age of 18 and see how far they can get” …i did the gag till you vomit thing where they are chocking you (with their penis)….i spit up blood…i have a chronic ear infection now that comes and goes every couple months…. and i think got paid like $500 bucks for permanent damage(physical)and pyschological damage….”

Behavioral conditioning techniques have a decades-long history in the porn industry, according to Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace. She reported that her husband, porn producer Chuck Traynor, was a pimp who used hypnosis to coerce her into unwanted sexual activity. Lovelace stated that Traynor held a gun to her head during filming and arranged gang rapes. From wikipedia: “in the second commentary on the DVD of “Inside Deep Throat”, one member of the production crew of Deep Throat backed up Boreman’s allegation of a brutal beating that she claimed left bruises that are visible in the film…Deep Throat, Part 2 actress Andrea True said that most people did not like Chuck Traynor and sided with Boreman as to her allegations.” Little background information on Traynor is available, however the Linda Lovelace website does provide evidence that he was a member of the Republican Presidential Task Force:

The Linda Lovelace website also displays Chuck Traynor’s certificate of graduation from the American Institute of Hypnosis.

Here is an excerpt from a discussion about the XXXexpose documentary found on another thread on the forum:

“As the maker of the film and also as as trauma victim and survivor, I would like to address the extremely insensitive remarks that were made by the previous poster. First off I wuld like to say that this is NOT a marketing scam, I am putting my own life at risk and have also put everything on the line including everything that I own to complete this project…..This “guy” that you so casually and carelessly refer to as though I have no identity or feelings whatsoever is a WOMAN and trauma survivor who was personally involved with ALL THREE companies featured and the sight and is still in the process of healing from being shocked, tortured, porgrammed, conditioned and permanentaly scarred from the experiences I had with these predators”…understand that I have uncovered a VERY DEEP conspiracy, something that has branches reaching out to VERY powerful places that DO NOT want this information to get out….the use of cult tactics on the site has been thoroughly documented and verified by a cult specialist Ford Greene who won an 8 million dollar case against Scientology and wrote the California state law that allows people to sue brainwashers. There is also an interview with a mind control researcher Ron Patton who publisizes the largest mind control publication on the net and has been studying the topic of mind control for over 12 years” In response to commenter who says girls “consented”: “if the writer chooses to bring up the topic of consent, then so be it: The nature of an informed decision is exaclty that, the person has to be properly informed. If you had actually watched the free clip on my site you would have noticed that in every case the girls had no idea what the shoot’s content was until it was actually happenning to them and by that time they were so disscosiated from the shock of what was happening to them that they had no way of being able to step back for a minute and decide how they wanted to deal with the situation. In the case of the owners put up a fake add claiming to be a glamour modeling agency that hires for Maxim. Girls contacted them thinking that they were a legitimate glamour porn company that hires actresses to play a part with a set and a plot. They are not told the real name of the site that they are going to be on or what the intention of the shoot will be, gagging them forcefully with their penises until they violently vomit. The girls are forced to sign the model release forms before the shoot begins and before they get paid (which doesn’t happen until the end of the shoot, in fact I was told that if I stopped the shoot at any time or caused any “problems” I would not get paid). You have to understand that the majority of these girls are poor, they do not have their own transportation and are usually picked up by the site owners to a place that is unfamiliar to them and that they have no way out”..
another commenter: “Many of the women in the film talked about how they had been willing to participate in what they thought were acceptable forms of BDSM when they began in the industry and had taken assignments that would involve this. You have to wonder why they were willing to do even this. What kind of societal conditioning has made this so commonplace and acceptable? Then, they explain that what they had been subjected to, after being taken to locations where they had no escape possible, or in a hotel room with several men when that had not been a part of the original agreement – and how they had felt trapped, needed to comply just to get out alive, how they had tried to figure out if saying “no” and resisting was only making the abuse and torture worse and so compliance might make the ordeal end more quickly. And then how having been violated in this way, the damage done to their psyche, had left them feeling this was all they were good for. The experts comments were very enlightening about the systematic methods that are used to bring this about which enables the perpertrators to hide behind the false claim of this all being “consensual”. The perps know these forms of torture and abuse will create a “willing” subject.Where did these methods of torture and destroying “the core” and will of an individual originate? As Moonshine points out – these methods have been perfected in our own govt.’s MKUltra program. ”

Here is a blogger’s commentary on a different documentary made about Insex, Graphic Sexual Horror:
“When he breaks a limit on camera,” Bell is specifically talking about the time he hit a model across the face—even though she had established the action as a hard limit before she started the live feed. And he doesn’t just hit her, either. In the documentary, Scott is documented antagonizing her as she cries….In another torture scene with a different model, titled Hydrophobia, Scott submerges a woman – who is in a cage – into a deep pool of water. After she comes up the first time, she tries to catch her breath. As she utters “uh uh,” which sounds very similar to the Insex safeword, he lowers her again. And keeps lowering her, before she can even catch her breath. During the follow-up interview, she says the experience was scary, a “nightmare” even…One model, the one that lived at Scott’s compound, was addicted to drugs.

Cyd Black, a former Insex employee who went on to work for, shares a story about his ex-girlfriend. She didn’t like BDSM at all, but was addicted to drugs and needed money.Instead of being a stand up guy, he encouraged her to be an Insex model, knowing she’d accept even extreme abuse if she was getting paid…Sadly, if you look at other responses to Graphic Sexual Horror, whether from professional media outlets or no-name bloggers, they say similar (and sometimes worse) things. They’re especially keen on pointing out the “victimization” of Insex by the FBI*. But it’s not a good sign that figures in the sex positive movement look at this documentary as enlightening, especially when it comes to matters of consent.
*I don’t agree with using anti-terrorism laws to take down pornography sites. There should be very strict laws in place to help out actresses/models who are abused in pornography and to punish pornographers/porn companies that abuse these women. But I haven’t come across any criticism that meaningfully acknowledges how people like Max Hardcore and Brent Scott got away with raping women through “freedom of speech” laws and the porn industry.”

more from Rob Black regarding former Insex model and current Kink employee Princess Donna:
“Princess Donna could give two shits about any of the talent whatsoever. She does privates on a regular basis, and is the boss-lady at Under her direction they do some of the most violent, egregious and dangerous things to men and women. Why would she give a shit about anyone on the set?”…“ does not give you the option to fake anything. They cattle prod people. Katie Summers was cattle prodded and her ass was slit open. Why does a cattle prod have to bleed you?”

When Insex was shut down, many of its employers went to work for Kink, and were conditioned in how to avoid prosecution for obscenity charges by covering up evidence of bdsm “play” that could legally qualify as aggravated assault. Here’s an excerpt from a recent SFWeekly article concerning Kink’s alleged labor law violations:
.The company attracted unwanted attention last summer when it abruptly switched its cam girls’ pay rate and sparked a debate about its commitment to models’ rights…Now, two former models allege they were denied workers’ compensation when injured on Kink sets, one of whom further states she was coerced into a performance that left her with long-lasting injuries and was offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about those injuries. Other workers claim to have been terminated or chose to resign when they questioned Kink’s business practices, including the use of an erectile dysfunction drug called Trimix…Like Viagra, Trimix provides a long-lasting erection; however, unlike the popular pill, Trimix is injected directly into the penis and the results are immediate. In normal doses, the injections are safe, but higher doses can result in priapism, an erection that lasts for longer than four hours and requires medical attention in order to be reduced.

A former Kink employee who requested anonymity expressed concern over the dosages and reported that at least three models had experienced health complications, including priapism and fainting, as a result of Trimix use. Keys says that though he has used Trimix in the past, his experience was without incident. He also claims that Kink had stopped relying on the injections approximately four to six months ago because of the risks involved….….Last summer, Maxine Holloway found herself at the center of a debate about fair wages when she tried to organize her fellow cam girls in protest of a sudden pay decrease…Kink abruptly switched its cam girls from earning a base rate to earning a 30 percent commission; when Holloway took action, she was promptly fired…Holloway observed that other cam sites she’d worked for typically offered a commission between 60 and 80 percent…

….Alexander also attributes the new commission system with creating a cutthroat environment in which earning a living wage meant pushing her boundaries, something she felt Kink’s shooting rules should have protected her from doing. These rules state that models’ limits must be respected at all times. One limit Alexander typically set was not subjecting herself to electric shocks, one of the fetishes Kink portrays. However, she claims she used an electric zapper (a toy that delivers small shocks) at the request of a customer in order to generate more revenue. The zapper misfired, leaving her with a small burn on her inner thigh instead of the red dots typically left by the toy. She claims the toys aren’t tested as often as they’re supposed to be, because they only fire on skin contact, and most production assistants don’t want to zap themselves every day….

Avatari says she was never offered workers’ comp for injuries sustained during the virginity shoot. “It took me months to heal after I lost my virginity,” she claims. “I had to have vaginal reconstructive surgery. There was no compensation for that. Honestly, I was lucky I had insurance at the time.”….She claims to have often performed for free on The Upper Floor, and that when she was asked to represent Kink at the Folsom Street Fair last fall she thought her chance at a casting had finally arrived. On stage at the fair, she estimates that she was caned and whipped for 35 minutes. “I’ve never received a beating like that before in my life,” Alexander says. “I have permanent scars up and down the backs of my thighs. It was all things that I had consented to, but I didn’t know quite the brutality of what was about to happen to me until I was in it.”

The comments below follow the same article:

“I am Brenn Wyson former kink gay porn star. ..The Stars working there and making money will never disclose the bad behavior of the porn stars they throw to the trash. The drugs the lies the penis injections which is against the law in San Fran to give to a porn star. …This place is a cesspool for HIP, Hep and what other STD is around. Drugs, Rape and whatever goes on behind closed doors. The injection to you penis to keep it erected. This place only cares about the dollar. If you are thinking about being a porn star, please think twice. It is your choice to be a porn star. But this place doesn’t care about your safe well being. …Whether good or bad, it seems their shooting rules regarding marking have more to do with PR. In the scene marks are incredibly common, and whips can easily leave marks that appear permanent but fade after several months. I’ve had them. There is no ethical question about whether this is okay so long as the bottom has consented to it. Kink has a shoot – I believe the models were Lorelei, Princess Donna, and Sara Scott(?), where Sara took a caning that left very deep bruising.

It violated the shoot rules but Sara continually affirmed her consent, so the shoot continued. However, her body was blurred out in the video available from the site to hide the marks. This leads me to believe this rule is to prevent opponents from being able to find “shock” photos, not something Kink deemed an ethical line they will not cross….Also ask around about Fucking Machines injuries…I’ve known people who work there and interviewed there twice. They asked at the interview moronic pop psychology questions,….Most normal, well-adjusted women I know don’t have sex with machines, but I know a girl who was talked into doing one of those videos while drunk and after kink bought the site her video was on – she started getting recognized.….. A girl who decides to lose her virginity on camera is clearly unstable. She did consent. At what point is consent not enough if we know the person who is consenting doesn’t have the real ability to do so? …..”

Kink representatives brag about owning implements used for torture in countries like China, yet also claim their activities are “safe, sane and consensual.” The following comment was made about a model who is alleged to be a pimp for

“Even when she is portraying a submissive bottom, being cattle prodded, nipples clamped down and attached to electric cords, you can tell she is absolutely in control,” says Lovemonster. “She shows us that our dirtiest, scariest, and wildest sexual fantasies can come true through healthy communication and BDSM play. She rescues us all from a world where sexuality is suppressed and made shameful.””

From the wikipedia entry on erotic electrostimulation, this one should speak for itself.

Electrostimulation, in general, can cause tissue damage or even death if misused….Even at relatively low current and voltage, there is also risk of interference with normal heart function (potentially including cardiac arrest), and this risk is higher for those who use an artificial pacemaker or similar device or who have heart conditions.[3] Because of this, it is not advisable to place the electrical contacts in such a way that current passes through the chest cavity.[4]…
Among the most important places is the chest, for electricity should not interfere with the electrical impulses that affect the heart. … Another principle was that of voltage versus amperage. The thing which causes danger is the level of amperes. The lower the amperage the less danger there is of causing damage.”

Kink follows standard cult indoctrination tactics such as systematic depersonalization of their “house slaves”, who are assigned numbers instead of names. The method of assigning numbers to models is also adopted from the Insex company. Many of the torture methods practiced at Kink are virtually identical to those practiced by the CIA such as waterboarding and the use of stress positions. These “ordeals” are required for the “slave” to “earn rank”, in a similar manner to the hierarchical ranking system of the military or secret societies like the Freemasons and the Jesuits. The Jesuits were also known to be comprised of members who volunteered for torture as part of their inititation. Given that the Kink CEO’s father was a Catholic priest who belonged to the secretive Jesuit order, rumored to be the military arm of the Vatican, the influence cannot be a coincidence, especially considering that Kink’s official training manual is signed by “the Pope” and referred to as “basic training”. Here is that document for further consideration:;jsessionid=BA79947A89BCDC8545AD2C7162F0D313

Here is some really disturbing information about some of the physical damage allegedly caused during filming at Kink studios:

“They’re being distributed by Jules Jordan and have had documentaries made about them by James Franco. is furthest from an underground company and pretty mainstream. We have a production on a mainstream company’s property. And we have a performer that is smack dab in the middle of a scene with untested fans off the street abusing and punching her [Bay].

“Her breast damage is so severe she has to go to the emergency room. All these things are happening on’s property. Cameron Bay bites his penis unintentionally while he’s jamming it down her throat and a flow of blood ensues. Blood is oozing onto the floor. He’s trying to have blood not spill everywhere.

“People are concerned and trying to stop blood. James Franco shot a documentary and Kink has a $20 million building.

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