THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was a waitress for this family owned restaurant for about two years. It was a normal place in my eyes. I knew the owner was in trouble with the IRS and has been on the news for tax fraud. He seemed humbled. Well, in walks in this girl and next thing you know she is hosting events on the top floor of the restaurant. It’s Vivienne. Long story short she recruited girls from the restaurant to work upstairs. Vivienne used to work for a guy that does underground events at 16 from what I heard. It’s 100% illegal and mafia owner. No regular guy can walk in, it was all friends of friends. Only white rich shady men were there. I worked for her because I desperately needed the money. She convince me its easy and fun. No one would know because its above the restaurant. FUN ha.

She was the house mom and gave the idea to the owner. They put it together. The owner collected entrance fee for the men $50 with a password every week. while Vivienne collected $150 house fee per girl. She also provided cocaine and alcohol tickets for the bar upstairs. By the end of it there was 30+ girls working. You do the math. When it was a slow night she would take your id and cell phone if you didn’t pay up. Downstairs of the restaurant is where people eat normally, hence families as well, little kids. In the back of the restaurant was held illegal gambling events in their “party rooms”.

I asked Vivienne if she has social networks and she said she can’t have any. I never knew what she meant by she can’t have any. I also know she made the owner receive a lot of money from just the events. When a girl said why doesn’t Vivienne strip, that girl was yelled at and kicked out. Vivienne has a Jekyll hyde personality. She would listen to your problems, make you feel like you have a friend, even help you out financially then she will get cold if you ever try to ask her questions. Anyways the events no longer are run by vivienne anymore because the place got raided so many times. The cops wanted to arrest Vivienne but the owner paid off the cops. I have no idea who this girl is or if her family is connected. But she completely ruined a lot of girls lives. I no longer work in the restaurant and the rest of the girls who were open to the sex industry now work at normal strip clubs due to the money.

vivienne wyntersLast I heard of Vivienne was she does illegal gambling and works for the same type of people. I feel as if she manipulated all the girls and made everyone believe she was taking care and loved each girl. For some odd reason every girl who worked for her started to admire her and wanted to be her. I even try to get in contact with her. I have no idea why. It’s like she’s a social path. I really want to call the cops on the restaurant for doing this to me. Everyone should be in jail. Please don’t post my information.