Hate Crime instigator Donald Carlos Seoane sends a public message to Kelli Roberts of LA Direct Models & Dave of The Luxury Companion – Blackmail Attempt?

One of the primary problems of being an illegal pimp in the United States of America is that regardless of how ethical such a pimp may (or may not) be – when things go wrong, running to law enforcement for help isn’t exactly an option…

It appears that on January 8th, 2017 the hate crime instigator and enabler Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (founder and face of the racist, homophobic and misogynist hate crime known as Pornwikileaks) posted a public message directed towards Kelli Roberts (aka Tracy J Richardson – a woman who is known to be the social media operator for LA Direct Models) and “Dave” of The Luxury Companion (an escort agency that features a roster of well known pornstars).

Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long

The message Seoane posted appears to be a blackmail attempt to either receive funds or online properties that he believes were promised to him.  A trusted porn industry insider who has spoken to “Dave” at great length has stated that “Dave” IN FACT disclosed that at one time, Kelli Roberts did refer to Seoane as “her personal Hitler”.  In addition Kelli Roberts has made threats via twitter in regards to writing letters to the Judge that Seoane is scheduled later this month to face (in regards to his hate crimes) in an apparent effort to defend Seoane.

old mike south tweets - the luxury companion - dave - karin - mikesouth
Michael Strother of MikeSouth.com tweeting about “Dave” of The Luxury Companion

The real question is, when all is said and done, exactly what negative effects will porn agent Derek Hay (alleged BFF of “Dave”) and his agency LA Direct Models encounter? Seoane has displayed extreme hatred towards Derek Hay for years (in fact his hate crime database and website was initially DerekAndrewHay.com). In addition how far of a relationship is “Dave” willing to build with Seoane, considering that it is Seoane who initially publicly questioned in several of his personal blog posts exactly how The Luxury Companion operates (be it legally or illegally)?

In the message screen-caps below Seoane publicly states that he believes both Kelli Roberts and “Dave” to be his “friends” – which is rather ironic considering that normal people don’t feel the need to threaten, blackmail or instill fear into their friends…  As of current according to Seoane’s social media, he is traveling routinely from his home base, Florida, in a 1997 Lincoln Navigator and is staying in low-end motels with his wife who is from a 3rd world south-east asian country (and who appears to barely have a grasp of the English language), his minor aged daughter from his first marriage and his newborn son.

kelli roberts the luxury companion derek hay donald seoane 02

In the leaked text message below – Kelli Roberts claims not to have anything to do with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long or his hate crime websites… so who’s telling the truth? Kelli or Donny? Regardless, Kelli has what Donny wants… control of MikeSouth.com (she’s the website’s primary blogger) AND a business relationship with LA Direct Models / Derek Hay (according to a source who’s spoken to “Dave” of The Luxury Companion, Donny desires to produce the first on camera sex scenes of pornstars new to the industry who have signed with LA Direct Models).

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